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Powder coating system NordicPulver

Powder coating system.
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  • The powder coating system by Nordic Pulver is an ideal basic system for the application of our powders on any metallic support.
    The advantage of powder coating over traditional painting are:

    • high resistance to scratches and chipping
    • fast application, less than an hour from coating to curing
    • easy to apply
    • economical
    • the elastic properties of the paint allows for coating of parts in motion such as shock springs

    In addition to our powder paint system you will need a compressor capable of delivering 3.5 CFM and an oven able of reaching 200 degrees Celsius, such as an old home oven or even a toaster oven for smaller objects. Note: once the oven is used for curing the powder paint is no longer suitable for cooking food.

    With this system you can apply all the colors from our selection of glossy , opaque, transparent, veined or textured colors.


    •     This powder coating gun was designed to coat wheels, frames, brake calipers, brackets and any other metal workpieces.
    •     Tribo type powder coating gun is very robust and reliable because it does not use electrical components. This powder coating gun will last you for years.
    •     You do not need an electrical power transformer or electrical power supply. This gun will work anywhere in a world with a right earth plug adaptor.
    •     Since this gun doesn't need any electricity it is much safer than the ones that relay on high voltage.


    After the object is being brought back to a bare metal finish and after a cleaning process similar to what is usually done for traditional painting, the part is connected to the ground cable provided with the system. The powder is placed in the hopper bottle and is screwed onto the gun. The compressed air line is attached to the air intake located at the bottom of the gun handle and the coating can begin.
    Once the part is covered with powder it can be placed in the preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 10~20 minutes depending on the size of the part. Once the part is cold to the touch can be put back into operation.

    We invite you to read the operational manual for detailed instructions.



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    Read carefully the operation manual!

    The operator is responsible for proper and responsible use of the product. The manufacturer, the CEZinc brand. and RMPs.r.l. are not responsible for any damage caused by improper or non-conforming use of this system.

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